Z Palette

Z Palette XL

A completely customizable magnetic palette! Probably one of the most famous in the makeup industry today.

I know these aren’t exactly new to the makeup world but using the Z Palette is new to me! I’ve been loyal to my wonderful (Another Soul on Etsy) Magnetic Palettes but I was tempted by the IMATS to try this out!

I like that they have a clear window so I know which shadows/blushes are inside that I’m grabbing as I head out the door. I have easily 7+ colour palettes so this is an advantage for sure. I also like the fact that they give you some metal stickers in squares and circles to affix to the bottom of any pans that may be plastic. Don’t forget to add your shade names on the bottom.

Z Palette XL IMATS

Sizes vary from Small $14.00 (upto 9 standards pans) to Extra Large $22.00 (upto 35 standard pans)

You can buy separate metal pans too! You can use it to put in concealer, solid foundations, lipsticks but I find them too risky for this palette because I don’t always have my makeup stored flat and I wouldn’t want it to smudge all over the place.

Overall this is a wicked palette. If I’ve piqued your interest check out www.zpalette.com

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