When Does my Make up Expire?

When does my makeup expire?

How long should you keep that mascara? How often should you clean your brushes? I get asked this constantly! Use this list to keep you, your makeup and your skin healthy.

Cream cleanser:  1 year

Cream/moisturizer:  1 year

Foundation, oil-based:  1.5 years

Foundation, water based:  1 year

Gel cleanser:  1 year

Lipstick:  1-2 years

Mascara:  3 months

Powder:  2 years

Shadows:  2 years

Brushes:  weekly for personal use or in between each client for professional use

Sponges:  wash after each use (3 month life span) or discard if disposable

how long to keep your makeup

There’s also a small picture of a jar on the back of most products that will tell you how many months the product should last for before it could grow harmful bacteria or ingredients may separate and become ineffective.

Use these dates as a guideline, use your own judgement- if something starts to smell weird or give you a rash, toss it immediately!



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