What’s in Store for 2016?

They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit. Hopefully everyone has already kickstarted 2016 by making or breaking them. I have spent the past 21 days working my tail off to plan my best blog year yet.

Planner 2016b beauty blog

I’ve invested in a better camera (I previously shot with a Canon T2i) I’ve upgraded to the Sony a6000. I’ve spent a good chunk of time having fun with it and have decided I should definitely be taking more photos of myself (who says that?!)

sony a6000 camera

I was also provided with this awesome ring light to give me some ‘natural’ lighting to work with while I take photos during the lovely winter nights. Diva 18″ Ring Light from Stellar Lighting. Swayze, my cat approves of it and also thinks he is a model (you will see further proof of this from future posts in which he jumps in several product shots.)

diva ring light beauty light blogger

I guess this post is basically to say, expect big things from me this year. I feel like putting this out in the universe will hold me accountable and bring good fortune.

What’re your goals for 2016 via work, or lifestyle in general? Have you made progress on them so far?

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