What is a Lipstick Reader?

I went to a bachelorette party recently and I’m always interested to see what interesting and unique ideas people have to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their closest gal pals. Enter the ‘Lipstick Reader!’

So this is a real thing! Just like a palm reader, the lipstick reader can tell things about your past, present, and your future just from the lip imprint left from your smooch.

Now I’m not a believer, as they would say – in things that can’t present hard facts..such as psychics, tarot card readers and the like.

I’ll admit though, everyone really seemed to enjoy it. Perusing through the various shades, meticulously applying it just right and laying it on a small card with our names written out. I wore ‘smokey Rose’ by Covergirl.

I won’t reveal what she divulged about me or my print to match but it wasn’t too far from the truth, surprisingly. There was lots of laughing and by the end of the night we were¬† all wearing a mish-mash of lipstick shades.

Have you ever had your lip print read? What did it reveal? If not, would you?

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