Saving Up for a Wedding?

I’ve reached that age in my life (26) where it feels like everyone I know is getting married! While I’m thrilled that my friends and family have found “the one” and I get to partake in the special day…at what cost?!

Saving up for your next sunny day is essential! It keeps the stress off the situations you want to be there for.

Planning a wedding is expensive, but so is attending one…or 10 in one summer!

Jenn Malone MAkeup

After ending up feeling pretty broke one summer when I ended up being in a wedding and attending 4 all within 3 months I knew I’d have to come up with a better strategy. Usually if you’re part of a wedding party, you can expect to be spending atleast $1000 after its all said and done.

  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Travel/ Hotels
  • Dress
  • Shoes, Accessories
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding present for the happy couple
  • Hair and Makeup on the day of
  • Babysitter (if you have kids)
  • Cash for the bar (if you drink)

Cha-Ching! Depending on how extravagant the bride is will make a difference too. If you don’t have to order all the same dresses, shoes and etc and just follow a colour scheme or theme you have some flexibility on finding something more suited to your price range. Instead of having all the events at restaurants or travelling to Vegas for the Bachelorette there are some great public spaces or hidden gems in your town that you could make use of -to save some moolah. Despite the fact that every couple makes a registry you know them well enough to make them something or a heartfelt gift that would mean more to them anyways.  If you’re a bridesmaid (or groomsmen!) its common to have about 9 months to a year notice that you’re part of the wedding party. This gives you a window of opportunity to start saving right away. it could be as little as $20 a week to take the edge off of the big bill once its all over.

If you’re attending a wedding you can expect to spend upto $500 (per person). Here are a few ways I saved money without having to dip into credit cards or my personal savings. You will be invited to all of the events, Engagement party, Buck&Doe, Bridal Shower, and Wedding Day. Don’t feel obligated to attend every single one. if youre really tight sending a card and a small gift/giftcard to let them know youre thinking of them while they celebrate is enough. otherwise you’re looking at taking time off work, travelling, buying a gift etc. They won’t be offended (or at least they shouldn’t be) Repurposing an old dress or only buying one for every other wedding you go to and swapping which one you wear saves money in the attire department. You could even negotiate babysitting with friends who also have kids, they sleepover at your place next time their mom and dad want to go out!


There will be sacrifices, like those morning lattes, or scaling back on your makeup splurges but spending time with those you love and care about makes it all worth it!

Planning or attending a wedding? Need to start saving?

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