SAG Awards Red Carpet 2015


With so many awards shows crammed into two months (Golden Globes, SAG, and the Academy Awards) these Hollywood women are expected to look fabulous at each one to avoid being slammed on the ‘Worst Dressed” lists. I think they all deserve an award for getting all gussied up and put on blast for every details of themselves from head to toe.

One of my favourite makeup looks of the night though has to be Kelly Osbourne. She is known for her fearless fashion and attitude, plus her scrutiny as a member of the Fashion Police but I’m kind of loving her look tonight.

The bold pink pout with the purple hair is working. She kept a pretty small cat eye and big lashes and emphasized her lips. She is not one to be overlooked in any crowd. I’m dying to colour my hair that faint purple hue she has too, not the hairstyle though- I can’t pull that off nor do I want to give my boyfriend a heart attack. She owns the look and is one of my favs of the night by far.

The common theme this year was definitely a more natural look and some opted to add a colourful lip. I really can’t say anyone’s makeup looked awful on them. I’m no fashion expert so I’m not even going to touch on the gowns but seriously I envy anyone who gets to walk the red carpet!

Photo Courtesy of: Getty Images

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