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Paula’s Choice & My Skincare Routine

I often get asked my opinion on what people should use for their skin. I’m a makeup artist, not a skincare specialist (or dermatologist) but I’m fairly confident in identifying skin issues when I meet a person based on how their skin looks, feels, or how it reacts to the products I apply. I am always looking for a new product line that has options for people, personalized to their skin’s needs. I want the benefits of a high-end skincare line on a budget!

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Paulas Choice

This is where Paula’s Choice comes in! I’ve teamed up with them and the PRIMP app to try their new CALM Redness Relief skincare system for Normal to Dry skin. They have their own Skincare Consultants to help determine products that should work for you to solve which skin issue ails you! The consult took about 10 minutes and I got off the phone feeling excited to receive my products in the mail knowing that I was getting a tailored skin experience for my needs. (You can do this too! it’s FREE call 1-800-831-4088)

A few of my favourite things about Paula’s Choice are, they never tested on animals, fragrance free, and non irritating.

The CALM line suggested for me has two different formulations, Normal to Dry OR Normal to Oily. Intended to soothe inflammation that causes the redness in your skin and hydrates.

paulas Choice toner cleanser

Cleanser: A dime size will cover your face and neck. It does have a slight smell but it’s based on the ingredients in it and not ‘fragranced’ to smell a particular way. It’s not overbearing, just clean feeling. Which is exactly what this does! The dirt and other particles that comes off my face after a day of being outside is gross and satisfying to see coming off.

Toner: Apply with a cotton pad, some people only do the T-zone but I put it all over my face and neck even, especially during warmer weather. Warning, if you have blemishes or cuts this will sting, I forget every time. This takes away the excess oil and provides your skin with antioxidants.


AHA GEL 8% Exfoliant: AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid (its not as scary as it sounds!) I’m often outside for work and pleasure so I have some er- skin (sun) damage. I swear I wear sunscreen as often as I remember but I’ve always had uneven skin tone and who doesn’t want to have smoother younger looking skin?! A dime size amount covers my entire face and it absorbs quickly. My skin looks and feels smoother almost immediately. It is a leave-on formula be sure to pair this with SPF for daytime as it leaves you extra exposed. Whats the difference between the BHA and the AHA formulas? Both affect the top layer of skin only, removing dead and damaged cells to reveal and encourage healthier skin underneath. AHA’s are generally for people with dry skin as its water soluble and BHA’s are lipid-oil-soluble.


Moisturizers: There are two in this line, one is SPF 25 for daytime use and the other one is for your night routine. Both are designed to soothe the redness and not cause irritation with Jojoba Oil, as well as vitamin C and E. As stated above its very important to be using a moisturizer with an SPF after using the AHA Exfoliant to protect your new exposed skin.

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Remember: Clean healthy skin helps your makeup look it’s best.
Coming up! I test out two awesome Makeup Products from Paula’s Choice! Keep your eyes peeled

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