My Thoughts on: Essena O’Neill

While I commend this young woman on speaking out and bringing the news that everything you see should not be believed, I also find it sad that so many prior didn’t already figure this out? ‘Don’t believe everything you see’ is a phrase that’s been used since tv was invented. She happily accepted the money and fame […]

Essena O'Neill Quits Social Media


Mr.Bubble has a new…Fragrance?!

It’s true! Who would’ve thought a company would literally bottle my childhood. There is no denying that as soon as I spritzed some of the Mr.Bubble cologne spray that I could close my eyes and see the multiple bubble fights, bubble beards and giggle fits that would ensue while waist deep in a sea of […]

Irresistible Me! Try to Resist These Extensions…

I have dreams of being a mermaid one day. Even though people have told me time and again it isn’t possible. Irresistible Me has sent me their Remy Human Hair Clip-in Extensions to try. Using these hair extensions are a step in the right direction! I can transform myself from everyday beauty blogger to beginnings […]

Irresistible Me

Saving Up for a Wedding?

I’ve reached that age in my life (26) where it feels like everyone I know is getting married! While I’m thrilled that my friends and family have found “the one” and I get to partake in the special day…at what cost?! Saving up for your next sunny day is essential! It keeps the stress off the […]


I have moved 10 times in the past 8 years…between locally and across the country I’ve picked up some tips. Keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon. Meanwhile, back to packing for me! Regular blogging schedule shall resume shortly.. To stay on top of my adventures check out my Instagram account @makeupmymindbeauty


Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Disclaimer: I wear sandals everyday from April to October, I run about 15 miles a week and have dry skin. Needless to say the Amopé should be the answer to my nightmare calloused, peeling, and rough feet right? It is! I would take about an hour usually to pumice my feet and would avoid it […]

Morphe Palette 35E

I’m always adding more eyeshadows to my collection and generally don’t buy palettes anymore because I find a lot of overlapping shades and that makes it pretty bulky to tote around. Morphe Brushes 35E Shimmer Palette was a grand exception. I went to IMATS Vancouver at the end of May. I came home with loads of […]

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palette 35E


My Favourite False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes make a look really pop! They add a certain glamour that I love. Model 21 Eyelashes is one of my favourite companies to purchase lashes from.    I’ve been ordering from Model21 EyeLashes for almost two years now and I swear by them! The lashes range from natural to totally glamorous! There are […]

Benefit Killer Colours

Benefit: Killer Colours

Benefit is coming out with more to add to the ‘They’re Real’ family with some killer colours The best way to bold up your summer with their new shades that will be sure to make a splash! Check them out in stores and online as of June 26th 2015

Beauty Mark

Love Every Body (Especially Your Own!)

Everyone has a part of their body they don’t like or wish they could change. Or atleast they used to. (I’ve come a long way) I don’t consider myself ‘classically beautiful’ and it took me a while to accept that. I’m my own kind of beautiful. No one else looks like me and I can […]

H&M Update Beauty For Fall 2015

Have you heard? H&M will be overhauling their current beauty offerings! 700 products will be re-released including an Eco-friendly line of make-up, nails, body, skincare, & hair styling options. The new packaging looks so sleek; a more sophisticated version than their current choices and aiming to attract the luxury purchasers with an affordable price tag ranging from $6.99 […]

H and M Makeup


News: Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge (Worldwide Makeup Artist) is releasing a book, it takes you through the history of makeup. It won’t be released until October 13th 2015 but you can pre-order the book and find out more about it on Amazon now.

Orange You Glad I Have Blush?

Love and beauty is a brand sold in Forever21 and is located as you weave through the lines and the check-out and I have ogled their makeup selection but never bought anything until now! It’s pretty affordable with lots of cute different designs on makeup bags and brushes. I was curious about the quality of […]



How to Depot Your Lipsticks (Without Melting Them!)

In my previous post How to: Depot your Lipstick I showed you how to use a kit and melt down your lipsticks in order to be able to carry several colour choices on-the-go instead of carrying around every shade you love in a tube. Yes, that method is a little time consuming and potentially messy […]

Maybelline Master Prime Blur+Smooth

Primers have burst their way into the mainstream cosmetic consumer market in the past 5 years. Now every company has their own version (or several) in a variety of functions and ranging in price from $8 to $50. Naturally you can’t expect them all to be the same quality. I’ve been using a primer (or […]

Maybelline Master Prime

Argan Oil Nair Cire Divine

Get Rid of Your Winter Fuzz in Time For Summer!

I think as women (men too) we all look for way to effectively and as pain free as possible, eliminate unwanted hair from our body. Or atleast during the summer months that’s what we do in order to wear flirt skirts, bathing suits and other skin baring outfits. For me, that means I spend most […]

Make Up Forever Artist Shadow: Golden ME-406

Some may say I’m a Golden girl, no not from the TV show…   I am an avid gold fan. Maybe because its synonymous with high value but I always love incorporating gold into a look whenever I can. Its just so luxurious. I mean there is such thing as OVER doing it but, pops of it […]



Sephora Spring VIB Sale!

Sephora always has some sort of deal going on or an awesome deluxe sample to spend your points on! The first step of membership at Sephora is Beauty Insider, free to join and once you start accumulating points you can use them towards deluxe samples, earbuds, and a slew of other offerings they rotate throughout […]

Benefit High Brow Pencil

The way to get your best brow lift without ever having to see a doctor! Draw a line with the sharpened pencil underneath your brow from the head to the tail (before filling them in.) Use a blending brush to soften the line up towards your brow (without actually touching the hairs.) Fill in your brows […]

High Brow Linen Benefit Pencil