Orange You Glad I Have Blush?

Love and beauty is a brand sold in Forever21 and is located as you weave through the lines and the check-out and I have ogled their makeup selection but never bought anything until now! It’s pretty affordable with lots of cute different designs on makeup bags and brushes. I was curious about the quality of them makeup so I took it upon myself to make a purchase.

Love and Beauty Blush Orange
I have been searching for an orange blush, I work with clients of all skin tones and orange is “So in this season!” so I’m fairly certain it would be effective for my kit. What about me though? What does orange look like with my hair and complexion? I was determined to find out.
Beauty Orange Blush Forever 21
This is an orange cream blush, and every time I say that I want to say creamsicle because let’s face it those popsicles are delicious. It doesn’t photograph like it in the pan but it’s bright! It smells really good too, something tropical I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s not overwhelming.

Ok let’s get down to brass tacks, a little goes a long way (because after all it is a cream) but if you want that true orange hue you have to be heavier handed and definitely set it with powder right after applying. For me the orange did look a little ridiculous but would be awesome for some editorial shoots for fairer skinned folks. On the other hand it would look like an amazing creamy orange dream on darker skin tones for sure.
Orange Blush on Jenna
Once I buffed it out a bit it looked more normal on me and I actually really like it! For $4.80 I’m gonna keep playing with it and go buy a box of Popsicles. Stay cool!

What trends for spring do you love? Or despise?

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