My Favourite False Eyelashes!

False eyelashes make a look really pop! They add a certain glamour that I love. Model 21 Eyelashes is one of my favourite companies to purchase lashes from.

 Model21Lashes31.32S Model 21 Lashes

I’ve been ordering from Model21 EyeLashes for almost two years now and I swear by them! The lashes range from natural to totally glamorous!

There are individual lashes (a cluster of 3-5 lashes), Demi’s (1/2 strip lash), and full strip lashes. I buy these to use on my bridal clients mostly so I buy the strips and the Demi lashes. Individuals can be too finicky for someone who may not be used to wearing lashes.
The price is great, I used to purchase lashes for $5+ per set from the drugstore and from Model21 Eyelashes sets of 10 pairs ranges from $8-$20! Such a huge savings.
I use Duo lash glue in clear and dark tone to adhere my lashes and have never used anything else.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask below. What false eyelashes do you love?

Top left photo: Lash styles 32S (top) and 31 (bottoms)

Top right photo: Client Kayla wearing style no. 18N

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