Mr.Bubble has a new…Fragrance?!

It’s true! Who would’ve thought a company would literally bottle my childhood.


There is no denying that as soon as I spritzed some of the Mr.Bubble cologne spray that I could close my eyes and see the multiple bubble fights, bubble beards and giggle fits that would ensue while waist deep in a sea of bubble during bath time as a kid. It would always be a struggle to get me to stop playing and get out. My mom would usually have to wait until the water became too cold for me to bear.

Why not transport yourself back to a time when the only thing you had to worry about was your mom wrenching the brush through your hair after a bath?! (no? just my mom?)

The smell is awesome, it’s literally the exact same as the bubble solution you were (or are!) adding to your bath. It’s fruity with peach, banana and coconut, with jasmine, balsamic vanilla, rose and raspberry base.

I can’t believe Mr.Bubble has been around since 1961. Creating fun bath time memories for over 50 years! I will beĀ able to wear my fond memories now whever I go and not have to worry about cold bath water.

Check your local Loblaws / Real Canadian Superstore or shop online at




*I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review*


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