Maybelline Master Prime Blur+Smooth

Primers have burst their way into the mainstream cosmetic consumer market in the past 5 years. Now every company has their own version (or several) in a variety of functions and ranging in price from $8 to $50. Naturally you can’t expect them all to be the same quality.

Maybelline Master Prime

I’ve been using a primer (or base) for as long as I’ve been applying makeup on others. My grandmother (and many theatre stage actors still) use Ponds Cold Cream underneath their makeup. This would be way too heavy and slippery for conventional makeup wearers.

I chose the Blur & Smooth formula from Maybelline’s Master Primer collection because its the most universal option versus the Blue +Illuminate (with SPF 30) or Blur and Redness Control (has a green tinge to it and is best suited for me personally)

This is water based so be sure to pair it with a water based foundation. It has more of a lotion like consistency and took a LONG time to absorb (and I have dry-ish skin!) and ended up kind of patchy once I put foundation over it the first time. The second go around I applied moisturizer, then Blur + Smooth, then foundation and it wore great! and lasted for almost an 8 hour day for me. Not too bad considering I bought it for $7.99 on sale.

I likely won’t repurchase. But I’m dying to know how the new Make Up For Ever Primers are, so you may be seeing that review in the near future…until then- Stay beautiful xo


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