Make Up Forever Artist Shadow: Golden ME-406

Some may say I’m a Golden girl, no not from the TV show…

MAke Up For Ever Artist Shadow Golden MUFE.ME406b

I am an avid gold fan. Maybe because its synonymous with high value but I always love incorporating gold into a look whenever I can. Its just so luxurious. I mean there is such thing as OVER doing it but, pops of it here and there can take a look from a 3 to a 10! My favourite way to wear it is paired with a matte black smoke or thick liner-to die for!


Again, these Artist Shadows have great pigment pay off and this bright yellow gold will have you feeling like a million bucks. Easy to blend and a great metallic finish has moved this shade into my everyday palette for use and I highly recommend it to my Bridal clients. This gold works for pretty much any eye colour and complexions.


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