Lipsticks for Valentine's Day

Kiss Approved Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day

Whether you have someone to test them out on, or you just want to look fabulous in February then you should try out at least one of these loveable lip colours!


Lipsticks for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Worthy Lipsticks

Whether you enjoy a creamy luxurious feel, a matte hue, vibrant pop or sparkle there is a lipstick out there for you.

Always consider your skin tone when choosing your shade, too light can make you look like a tomato and too dark can have you looking like the crypt keeper (if that’s what you’re going for though, rock it!) If a bold choice isn’t really your thing or your workplace would frown upon electric blue lips for your position there are always nude shades, subtle glosses, and the always handy chapstick


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: Tokyo

A bubble gum pink shade that’ll really pop! Be sure to moisturize well as these have some major staying power but can tend to be a little drying. A solid choice for budget beauty because it comes in right around $10.


The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes: Honest

This is easily one of my favourite lip shades ever. Just slightly more pinky than nude on me, with a perfect applicator and a great matte finish. This is my go to lip shade for meetings and first time clients always.

These are just a few of my favourites and as you might have noticed I am lip product OBSESSED. The 2nd most important thing when you wear your lip colour no matter what shade it is, you own it. What’s the most important thing then? What comes out of that perfect pucker of yours!

Kiss on! What’s your go to lip product of choice?

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