Kat Von D Beauty: Shade + Light Palette

Contouring is nothing new to professional makeup artists. in the last year though it has propelled into the mainstream thanks to beauty bloggers leaking all of their precious secrets! (me included haha) This Shade & Light Contour Palette from Kat Von D is my favourite when it comes to the powder contours out there right now.

Kat Von D Shade And Light Contour

What is contouring and highlighting? It is the use of dark and light to create a structure. in this case the dark spaces will define and the lighter areas will become prominent. Most people use it to slim their nose, raise their cheekbones and define their chins. There are varying degrees from subtle to full on Kim Kardashian or “Clown Contour.” Essentially we’ve borrowed these tricks from Drag Queens that started it so long ago to slim their facial features to appear more feminine. It works! There are cream contour and powder palettes out there now.

Contour Palette Powder Kat Von D

The lighter shades highlight, and the darker contour. These powders are nice a velvety and blend very well into your existing makeup. The three sets of shades are for the different undertones; yellow, pink, and neutral. The mirror is a nice bonus while applying. I have only ever bought lipsticks and the Tattoo liner from the Kat Von D line and am very impressed with how natural these powders can keep a look and still achieve a sculpted look. The best brush to apply is a small fluffy face brush in my opinion. The palette is available through Sephora for $55. There is also a specific brush made for this set called the Shade & Light Contour Brush for $43 as well.

Do you like the ‘contoured’ look? Have you tried it?

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