I’ve Been Hacked!

Hackedmakeupmymind.ca was hacked in the wee hours of Feb21st and I’ve yet to be able to fully recover the site. I’m hoping within the week to be able to get it all cleared up. I’m in touch with authorities to make it right but it looks like the site may have to start from scratch. My followers on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter were eliminated as well so I’m literally starting from 0.

It was some pretty disturbing stuff regarding some poilitical happenings in the US (none of which I was involved in or voiced my opinion about) so I assume this was a random attack, it has happened with a handful of other popular websites. I decided this was the fastest alternative. For now my content will be published here (with high security!) and we should be up and running in no time. Some posts will be allowed to back date we’ll see how much I can recover. Thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your patience and be sure to keep your eyes on my social media as well for more updates!

Stay beautiful!

xo Jenn

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