How to Depot Your Lipsticks (Without Melting Them!)

In my previous post How to: Depot your Lipstick I showed you how to use a kit and melt down your lipsticks in order to be able to carry several colour choices on-the-go instead of carrying around every shade you love in a tube. Lipstick Depot Yes, that method is a little time consuming and potentially messy but for the neat and organized part of me – I enjoy it that way. If you are too nervous to heat your lipsticks or in a rush then this alternate method is for you. My 2nd way to conveniently get all my beautiful lipsticks into a container is… depotlipstick4 CHOP THEM UP! just cut off the amount of lipstick that will fit into the designated slot and slice it length wise into 4 pieces. That makes it easier to mash the lipstick in to fit. Be sure to label the lid or bottom so you know which shade you’re wearing. depotlipstick1  You can use one of these handy Vueset (Tahiti 24 style shown) durable containers for creams such as concealers, foundations, and blushes. They are great space savers and an easier way to take inventory of all the colour choices you’ve got. They have various sizes to suit your needs. I think I’m going to buy at least five more at IMATS Vancouver! Seriously.   Which lipstick shades have you depotted?

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