How To: Depot Your Lipstick

How To Depot Lipstick

I have about 50+ tubes of half used lipsticks in my kit. I needed something a litle more practical to carry with me to a shoot and still be able to have as many options as possible…I bought this on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $10.80 (Reg $18.00) I figured it was small enough to experiment with and toss in my purse for travel and touchups. It comes with everything you need and I’ll re-use the other tools when I do my major depot for my professional kit.


This case has 8 small wells. You can buy larger cases from craft stores or Japonesque sells a variety of empty lipstick palettes.

You’ll also need:
-Quo Lipstick Palette Kit (or your own)
-Cutting board


1.For this particular sized palette I cut a chunk of lipstick off about the sie of my thumbnail.

2.Put it in your microwave safe bowl.

3.I have a tiny microwave, so 45 seconds was perfect. If its not liquified by then, keep going in 15 second intervals, give it a stir to check in between.
*You don’t want it to boil or you’ll ruin the lipstick.

4.It should be a water like consistency, the bowl will be hot, but you should try and pour it into the palette well as soon as possible to avoid it getting chunky.

5.Continue the steps until all of the wells are filled!

6.The lipstick is good to use in about 30 minutes, or you can stick it in the fridge to use in about 10.

7.Wear it! I applied the red lipstick, looks just the same as when I used it straight from the tube, meaning that heating it up did not change the quality of it!


TIP: You can also mix and match to make a custom colour mixing as many colours as you’d like. Just make sure you adjust the portion sizes appropriately.
HAPPY DEPOTING! How did yours turn out?

The lipsticks shown are by Ben Nye: Russian Red, Desert Rose, & Blush


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6 thoughts on “How To: Depot Your Lipstick

  • Beverley Golden

    This sounds like a very inventive way to create something that works perfectly for you. Being someone who only uses one lipstick and one lipgloss, it is easy for me to carry them everywhere with me. Long gone are my days of being a cosmetics junkie (nail polish was a weakness), as now I have some favourite organic and all natural brands that suit me and my complexion and, the company’s don’t replace them with the newest and hottest shades. Sounds like you are having fun with your collection and can also take what you need with you wherever you go.

    • MakeupMyMind Post author

      Yeah, especially as a makeup artist I like everything in one place, and saving as much space in my kit as possible. For the everyday woman statistics say they own 8-10 lipsticks. Maybe if they had them all in one place they would vary shades more? Ooh nailpolish is a whole ‘nother ball game!