Victoria BC. Homemade Essentials

Homemade Essentials: All Natural Products

Tiffany from Homemade Essentials reached out to me a few weeks ago and offered me the chance to try out her all natural face, body and hair products. After meeting with her and getting the low-down on her home based business + products I was excited to get to slathering them all over me.
Victoria BC. Homemade Essentials
I tested out the Peppermint Face and Body Scrub, Whipped Body Butter, & Bath/Foot Soak. Before I dive in to my review for each product let me say this, I am a ridiculous fan of peppermint and literally spent over 2 hours in my bathroom playing with these.
Peppermint Face and Body Scrub
There are two different textures of sugar in this scrub and it’s layered with coarse and fine. Be gentle with the coarse on your face obviously but it’s great for exfoliating skin anywhere. I used the coarse on my legs and the fine on my face. The peppermint leaves a refreshing feeling afterwards and my skin felt so smooth. Best way to freshen up my scaly winter legs.
Peppermint Whipped Body Butter
I may have to start buying this stuff by the gallon. Not only does it smell fantastic, but it left my skin so soft. I have what is fondly known as ‘runners feet.’ They are pretty gnarly dry cracked heels! Rubbing this onto my tired achy feet after a run and a bath had me walking on air. It was also a great excuse for my boyfriend to give me a foot rub in the process, haha!
•Peppermint Bath/Foot Soak
I am a total ‘bath’ person. I don’t have an amazing tub but having the right bath time products makes me feel like I’m at a spa. Yes, there are bath bombs or value sized artificially scented epsom salts by the jug but this foot soak is no joke! The Epsom salts in this product are high quality mixed with her specific blend of ingredients makes this bath experience feel quite decadent, I stayed in there long after my fingers got all pruney.
Homemade Essentials ingredients are bought locally from business’ in Victoria including: Lifestyles, Nezza Naturals, The Root Cellar, Self Heal Herbs, Ingredients Cafe & Community Market and Triangle Healing Products. They take great pride in making sure the ingredients are high quality and in their purest form. The fewer the ingredients in your skincare, the better! There are no more than 6 ingredients in each product and you get a full list of ingredients with your order.
All of their products can be tailored to your skincare needs! They offer a bunch of great scents and a few seasonal ones as well! If you have any questions at all regarding the products Tiffany is amazingly helpful, knowledgeable and will find the perfect product to suit your skin type.
They also have a great referral program that results in free products for your family or friends mention your name at the time of purchase AND if you return the eco-friendly mason jars when it’s time to refill your order you get a discount on your next purchase.
Check out their Facebook page here and their website is currently under construction and expected to launch in March 2016
If you live in the Victoria area I highly recommend Homemade Essentials for bringing local all natural skin, body and hair products to your front door.

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