Glasses + Beauty Industry = ?!

As a kid I ALWAYS wanted glasses. So badly that when I was in university the eye Dr. said I could choose whether or not to get my really weak prescription filled, I did. They were totally pointless besides being cute. Fast forward 8 years and at the ripe age of 27 I have frequent headaches and my left eye feels like only I can describe as ‘foggy’ my mom laughs and encourages me to go get my eyes tested again (she’s been wearing glasses since Ray Bans were invented I’m pretty sure.) I scoff but being the good kid I am (and worry wart) I go get my eyes tested, even if it’s just to cross of possible reasons why my eyes and head are feeling this way.

Bam! Strong astigmatism in my left eye and a bit of distance issues in my right eye. I was actually bummed out. I’ve been working in the beauty industry for over 6 years and glasses while very trendy, are a bit of a hinderance when it comes to showing off the ‘latest looks.’

I tried on about 50 different frames at a local store before settling on a pair for Rx sunglasses and a pair for everyday wear. $500 later…ouch.

One of the lovely ladies at got in touch with me about trying a pair of their affordable stylish frames for free and getting my feedback. I obliged.



The site has a lot of choices and styles. I went with DBSN62168 an almost wayfarer clear/grey/pink style frame for $26! Shipping was quick (Free in the USA or min $50 spent for Canada) and I was wearing these lightweight frames within a week of ordering.


They came with a hard case, a drawstring bag, keychain screwdriver, and cleaning cloth! When ordering online they give you the specs of the glasses so you can compare them to your current pair or attempt to measure to see how they would fit on you.

Luckily mine fit great because I had no other pairs to compare it to (classic Jenn move, ordering blindly.) They are comfortable and even though I feel like these might be a bit edgy for some of my client meetings I definitely rock them on my day off. Let’s just pray I don’t end up sitting on them like I’ve done with several pairs of sunglasses.


So to the point, I can wear glasses, feel stylish and slay my favourite makeup looks with them on. There are a few new rules to doing my makeup now that I’ve got spectacles to worry about but, I’ll make another post for that. If anything maybe they help me look a little more distinguished? Haha. Right mom?!

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