Get Rid of Your Winter Fuzz in Time For Summer!

I think as women (men too) we all look for way to effectively and as pain free as possible, eliminate unwanted hair from our body. Or atleast during the summer months that’s what we do in order to wear flirt skirts, bathing suits and other skin baring outfits. For me, that means I spend most of the ‘winter’ months in pants, leggings, tights and etc. Since the warmer weather is making its round here, in Victoria BC this week I couldn’t have gotten the new Nair Cire Divine Leg and Body Wax kit with Moroccan Argan Oil any sooner!

Nair Cire Divine Argan Oil

I’ve waxed, used depilatory creams, and shaved. I prefer waxing to all of them. This kit is huge, I managed to wax my legs from the knee down, and both underarms and still have 1/3 of the wax leftover. I’ve waxed at salons, but its pricey and someone else gets to do the gratifying tug at all the hairs. Not to mention depending where you wax it could get a little personal! I’ve tried the pre waxed waxing/gel strips, those were a bust leaving me in a sticky and still hairy mess. Shaving works but you have to do it so frequently, I’ve cut myself often with the razors and you go through so many a month! I’ve looked at laser hair removal but I can’t bring myself to drop that much cash on something that needs multiple sessions, we’re looking into sometimes hundreds to thousands of dollar for something that hasn’t be proven to permanently remove hair.
Argan Oil Nair Cire Divine
First upon opening the box, there is lots of wax in there, and no lid- which is fine because it is in solid form. It comes with a wooden spatula, 400g of wax and 3 towelettes to wipe off any excess wax leftovers. Heating up the wax was probably the part I was most scared of. My condo’s microwave is from ’91 and heats up frozen burritos just fine so I hoped it wouldn’t over heat my wax. After microwaving for the directed time and letting it sit (very important!) it was pretty much the perfect consistency to spread onto my legs. I gave it a quick stir with the spatula. I did three strips on each leg, it was warm to the touch but not hot, you can definitely feel it clinging onto the hairs as it solidifies. in one swift pull I ripped the first strip off my leg. Deep breathing is necessary for this part. It doesn’t hurt but it is a tad uncomfortable. but voila! I obviously had to inspect the strip now covered with my leg hair, kind of gross but also interesting. and on my leg it was smooth and maybe 1 or 2 hairs left behind that I promptly tweezed away. There was hardly any wax residue left after I finished both legs. I used a towelette just in case, to make sure I had gotten all of it. There was no mess anywhere else. just keep the wax on your legs or on your spatula and you’ll be mess free.

My underarms were another story. Please remember that your bikini area and underarms are much more sensitive and the hair roots are usually longer = discomfort. I didn’t curse or anything, it was mostly awkward trying to wax my own armpits so I did each one with two separate strips of wax. The roots on those hair were long! But I’m happy to not have to worry about shaving there for the next 4 weeks!

Overall I’m very happy with the results from the Nair Cire Divine. I have enough left to probably do my underarms again, and I think this is a convenient, mess free, affordable way to get rid of unwanted body hair. I’ll be purchasing it for sure once it hits shelves this year.

Happy Waxing!

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