Cetaphil Derma Control*

Cetaphil Derma Control

I’m so thrilled to have the chance to try the new Cetaphil DERMA Control products. They graciously sent me the Oil Control Foam Wash & Oil Control Moisturizer to try. I have combination skin and come from a long line of oil prone family members so needless to say, when I flew home to visit Ontario for the holidays they were intrigued by this duo as well. Its recommended for people with Oily, Combination or Blemish-prone skin. These products are non-comedogenic and non-irritating.

Step 1. Oil Control Foam Wash

This cleanser has Zinc in it. You may be asking yourself what does zinc do for my skin? There are two types in the Foam Wash.

Zinc Gluconate absorbs the excess oil from your skin

Zinc Coceth provides a deep cleansing to your pores

This also contains no ‘soap’ so its not going to dry out your skin. This has a clear snap on lid for easy travel and it actually stays on, it was a rigorous test in my baggage from Vancouver to Toronto and it passed! My 6 year old niece was not amused by my rendition of ‘Funny Face’ (by Donna Fargo) when I changed the lyrics appropriately to ‘Foamy Face’ as I lathered up with the Foam. Granted she still loves me even though I had a foamy & funny face. Two pumps covered my face and halfway down my neck (Am I the only one who uses face wash on my neck too?) so I imagine this cleanser will last me a while.

Step 2. Oil Control Moisturizer

This has an SPF of 30 so its a great 2 in 1 step to keep you moisturized and protected! There is also Zinc Gluconate in the moisturizer. It absorbed quickly into my skin and didnt leave behind a greasy feeling. The difference compared to my regular daily moisturizer was crazy. It was matte (read any of my eyeshadow or foundation reviews, I live for matte products!) My skin looked healthy and not dry or oily, just natural. It looks and feels healthy. The pump spins to lock and unlock in order to dispense product and one pump covered my face.

Each usually retail for $18.99 in most pharmacies.

A few of my family members will be finding these wrapped under the tree this year, mostly so they stay away from mine haha. Sshh! Don’t spoil the surprise :)

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