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Saving Up for a Wedding?

I’ve reached that age in my life (26) where it feels like everyone I know is getting married! While I’m thrilled that my friends and family have found “the one” and I get to partake in the special day…at what cost?! Saving up for your next sunny day is essential! It keeps the stress off the […]


I have moved 10 times in the past 8 years…between locally and across the country I’ve picked up some tips. Keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon. Meanwhile, back to packing for me! Regular blogging schedule shall resume shortly.. To stay on top of my adventures check out my Instagram account @makeupmymindbeauty

5 Beauty Uses for Cotton Swabs

1.Applying eyeshadow/smudging for the perfect smokey eye. 2.Applying lipstick/balm -especially from the jar, instead of your fingers 3. If you Splurge for the pointed variety, dip into makeup remover and Voila! Your best winged liner helper ever! 4. Fill in and shape your brows with a little shadow on the end of a Qtip. 5. […]


How To: Soothe a Sunburn

No one wants to get a sunburn but sometimes it just…happens. I’ve fallen asleep and forgotten to re apply my sunscreen or thought I was just popping out to run a quick errand then found myself running 17 errands and not having any SPF on me. it happens to the best of us, so; Here […]

Soothe a Sunburn

When does my makeup expire?

When Does my Make up Expire?

How long should you keep that mascara? How often should you clean your brushes? I get asked this constantly! Use this list to keep you, your makeup and your skin healthy. Cream cleanser:  1 year Cream/moisturizer:  1 year Foundation, oil-based:  1.5 years Foundation, water based:  1 year Gel cleanser:  1 year Lipstick:  1-2 years Mascara:  3 months Powder:  2 years Shadows:  2 years Brushes:  weekly […]