Birthday! Turning 28 in 2017


This year doesn’t mark a ‘big birthday’ by traditional standards or anything but I’m pretty sure this is the last year before I’m going to tell people I’m 29 for the rest of my life. Late 20’s is a daunting feeling for some but looking back on the past year I’m happy to start fresh!

I celebrated the rush into 2017, turning 28, and Chinese New Year this month, to say I’m motivated to make this my happiest, healthiest year yet is an understatement! Welcome to the year of Jenn.

Lets start off the birthday celebrating on the right foot, with everyone’s favourite freebie from Sephora!

If you’re not a Beauty Insider yet you can sign-up online or in store and regardless of how much cash you drop there you always get a birthday deluxe sample. Here are the options this year.

Sephora Birthday Gift 2017


Personally I’m going to snag the Tarte Duo with the Amazonian clay blush and lippie (review to follow of course.) The Caudalie brightening lot looks awesome as I love most of their products. I’ve never tried Jack Black (I just think of the funny man every time I hear the name-no affiliation Haha) but I’ve heard people swear on it for oily/acne prone skin.

Happy Birthday readers whenever that may be and I’d love to know which product you chose and what you think of it!


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