Benefit High Brow Pencil

Benefit High Brow Pencil

The way to get your best brow lift without ever having to see a doctor!

High Brow Linen Benefit Pencil

  1. Draw a line with the sharpened pencil underneath your brow from the head to the tail (before filling them in.)
  2. Use a blending brush to soften the line up towards your brow (without actually touching the hairs.)
  3. Fill in your brows as usual. Voila!

*Comes in Linen Pink and Glow: Champagne Pink

This handy little pencil is designed to lift and lighten your brow bone area to make your brows more prominent and shaped. However it’s really multi-purpose! The matte linen shade can be used to highlight the inner corner of your eye, your waterline to make eyes appear larger and if you have a fair skin tone you can even use it for coverage of dark circles and under-eye bags.

The key to a smooth application is to use it lightly-blend and add more if you need to. One hard stroke could leave you with a harsh line that may be hard to blend out. After that it doesn’t move, and lasts all day!

Overall, probably will purchase Line again, it does make my brow pop and highlights my brow bone beautifully. As for Glow, I don’t often find myself wanting an ‘illuminating’ look on my brow bone.  I can achieve that easily with a shadow and get a similar result without spending the $26 CAD on it.

What’s your favourite way to highlight your brow bone?

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