Beauty So Clean Review

Beauty So Clean

Beauty So Clean offers and quick and relatively inexpensive way to keep germs from breeding inside your make up kit. I had heard about this and was a bit skeptical because I’m always worried about cleaning products ruining my makeup’s quality.

Anti Bacterial Wipes x 48 for $20.00 CAD – They come in one box, but are individually packaged. These are perfect for lipsticks, lipglosses, and eye/lip liner pencils (I would just sharpen my liner pencil to conserve the wipes it does just as good of a job of taking care of any germs or bacteria)

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 8ml (0.27 fl. oz) x 2 for $20.00 CAD – This mini spritzer is perfect for travel and stuffing into your kit it cleans pressed powders, eyeshadows, blushes and the like. Its also great for cream based concealers and foundations. This is a super must buy! Truly a revolutionary product.

Conditioning Brush Cleaner (125ml) for $20.00 CAD – This brush cleaner is safe for synthetic and natural brushes. I do find it to be a bit harsh although it claims to be conditioning. I use this once a month on my brushes, and 99% alcohol after each use, then a mild baby shampoo once a week to keep my brushes soft and clean.

my beauty so clean

A fantastic Canadian Product! I highly recommend them. In British Columbia they are now available at London Drugs most other provinces have to buy them online as far as I know. They do have international partners so check their website for more details!

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