Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Disclaimer: I wear sandals everyday from April to October, I run about 15 miles a week and have dry skin. Needless to say the Amopé should be the answer to my nightmare calloused, peeling, and rough feet right? It is!

I would take about an hour usually to pumice my feet and would avoid it at all costs, it was boring and tiring but people would see my bare feet and I could see their disgust (most were polite enough to not say anything) I always have polish on my toes and the beautiful T shaped sandal tan so it’s easy to ignore the ugly underside. With the AmopĂ© I don’t have to! I feet confident walking around barefoot in other peoples houses and it take me 10 minutes to go from rough feet to smooth walker.


I was impressed with the power and the fact that it was easy to hold and handle. The instructions were straight forward and the price point is well worth it for having batteries included and a rotating file that looks like it will last me a while (bonus points for selling refills too instead of having to buy a whole new machine!) the file just popped out and was easy to clean. I’m already bragging and showing off my feet to my friends (and social media, oh goodness!)

Now if only I could teach the cat how to operate it..

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