All Shapes and Sizes Get to #SwimSexy

For years we see the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition and cringe. Scantily clad skinny models rolling around in the sand to sell a magazine to men. These women are gorgeous of course, but the lack of representation for all bodies, races and ages leaves something to be desired. Until this year!

Bathing suit season is only months away or maybe you live in a year round warm climate (jealous!) there is one thing most of us women can agree on, we don’t like swim suit shopping! Those of us, myself included that don’t fit the ‘typical’ body type for a bikini feel at a loss in the dressing room when they just don’t fit properly.

Ashley Graham Plus Size Sports Illustrated Cover

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Ashley Graham, the (plus size) supermodel will grace the cover of 1/3 of all the magazines sold. The other two cover ladies being Ronda Rousey and Hailey Clauson. The beginnings of more accurate female representation are upon us.

Also SwimSuitsForAll is a bathing suit company geared towards stylish swim suits for women of each shape and size from 10-34 (and quite frankly one of the only places I can buy a bikini top to fit my upper half)

imageSwim Suits for allimage
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This year SwimSuitsForAll decided to go against the grain and purchase ad space in the magazine. You will get to see a full page spread of each of these three gorgeous golden clad real women representing age, race and size that we otherwise don’t get to see in magazines.

What other changes would you like to see in how women are represented in mainstream media?

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15 thoughts on “All Shapes and Sizes Get to #SwimSexy

  • Kelly D

    What a great post about why we should be paying attention to SI this year. Luckily we’re living in a shifting time when women of all shapes are being represented, like you said, on a magazine that just circulated the same image over and over. I’m not hating on ‘skinny’ models, but I do appreciate SI representing women of varying sizes, shapes, and race. I would also agree that it would be nice for them to feature women of all ages, too.

  • kristen

    I cant lie, I love the SI swim suit addition, but I love this even more! I just want to give SI a huge high five for finally embracing woman of all shapes/sizes ect. This is huge. I hope the rest of the industry takes note.

  • Leah

    I think Ashley Graham is gorgeous! It’s about time that magazines and print media show women of all sizes and shapes, not just thin. But, we need to celebrate all body types, since everyone is different!

  • Ashley

    I absolutely love that they took a stand and did this! Beauty is not about how small you can get. It is about how healthy you are and I am glad it is finally being showcased as such!

  • Sola

    I can barely put in words how amazing it is to see people with all different kinds of bodies be on and in the swimwear edition of sports illustrated. As women, we’re taught to idolized the super thin models that are typically all over the magazine. This year everyone’s going to look at this magazine and realize that they’re beautiful no matter what size they are!

  • Taylor Layne

    I loved this post and I am so happy SI did this. However, I would like to see real women everywhere. Larger bodies, smaller bodies, tall girls, short girls, etc. I want to see all women represented and this is definetly a wonderful start! :)