Hitting Pan, A Make-Up Movement

Most people refer to hitting pan as seeing the packaging (metal pan in cases of pressed products) at the bottom of their product meaning it’s getting close to being done.

Project Pan was started to encourage others not to waste their product (they do have an expiry see) before buying more.


This is a great concept especially in a world of high consumerism and lots of waste of packaging products. It’s a good money saver and a way to show your love to brands who’s products you use religiously!

@makeupmymindbeauty on Instagram when you’ve hit pan on your next product!


As a makeup artist and beauty writer I have TONS of product at any given time, and in order to be more transparent and accountable about my work I will also be showcasing my ‘hitting pan’ moments for you all.

I’ll be tagging #MMMMhittingpan on Instagram and Twitter!

Have you hit pan? Or participate in Project Pan?

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