Irresistible Me! Try to Resist These Extensions…

I have dreams of being a mermaid one day. Even though people have told me time and again it isn’t possible.
Irresistible Me
Irresistible Me has sent me their Remy Human Hair Clip-in Extensions to try.

Using these hair extensions are a step in the right direction! I can transform myself from everyday beauty blogger to beginnings of a sultry mermaid in a matter of minutes!

Irresistible Me irresistibleme.after2

The quality of these are amazing! It is thick strong hair. I am wearing the 200g 18″ pieces in Silky Ginger. I’m 5’6″ and didn’t find this length overwhelming for me. The taller you are the longer you can get away with having them. This comes with 10 pieces and I’m not even wearing all of them in the photo.

Their shipping was fast and customer service was always responsive. It’s worth every penny to pay for them if you like the flexibility of going from short to long hair in under ten minutes.

To help them stay in you can tease and put in a little bit of hairspray if you have baby fine hair like I do. People with thicker hair can manage to swirl them a bit and clip them in place. When put in properly they last all day and into the night. Literally a snap to get out just in time to head to bed (even at 3am!)

I used a curling wand to give them some texture and movement but they look amazing straight as well. The colour match is almost spot on! They have a great range of colours. You can dye them too if you want a change, I recommend a semi-permanent (I prefer the Punky Colour line)

You need to go check this company out! and the #irresistibleme on Instagram to see all the beautiful hair in action.

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